2013 Richard Linklater

On Friday, November 8, Director Richard Linklater received the fourth annual Levantine Cinema Arts Award at the 2013 Houston Cinema Arts Festival.

Linklater, born in Houston and raised in nearby Hunstville, has been a supporter of the HCAF since its inception. He attended the festival in 2009 with Me and Orson Welles and brought his friend Ethan Hawke to join him in presenting Tape in 2011. He received the Levantine Award amidst a career renaissance with the 2013 release of one of his finest and most popular films, Before Midnight, following 2012’s equally well-received Bernie.

The Levantine Cinema Arts Award honors a leading actor, director, or other creative artist who has stretched the boundaries of cinematic expression throughout an illustrious career. It is sponsored by Levantine Films, an independent motion picture development, financing, and production company aiming to promote understanding and inspire dialogue across cultures, captivating audiences, and challenging stereotypes through the power of great storytelling.