The Sunshine Cruise Company

Written by: John Niven

Based on the Book by: John Niven

Synopsis: Susan Frobisher and Julie Wickham have just turned sixty and are reevaluating their lives. Julie is fed up with her low-paying job at a state run nursing home and Susan's marriage has hit the doldrums. When Susan's husband Barry is found dead in a sex dungeon, Susan discovers that he's been leading a double life as a swinger and running up a fortune in debts. The bank is threatening to take Susan's home, but Susan isn't ready to go quietly.  With the help of Julie and two 80-year-old friends, Susan and Julie rob the bank and make off with millions in cash. The getaway, though, is the hard part, and soon Susan, Julie, and their octogenarian friend Ethel are on the lam, crossing the English Channel, traversing the French Riviera, and trying to stay ahead of the cops. 

Status: In Development